Sunday, October 12, 2008

K12 Online 2008 Conference: Anytime, Anywhere

Beginning with a Pre-Conference presentation tomorrow October 13th from Stephen Heppell, the K12 Online 2008 Conference will officially kick-off!

This year I've had the pleasure of working on the Public Relations committee. While working with this committed group of folks, I was afforded the opportunity to take a deep look at the conference. The K12 Online 2008 Conference is nothing short of an amazing event. It's not only amazing because of the content of the presentations, the presenters, and keynote speakers. What makes the K12 Online 2008 conference such an unique event is the potential for educators around the world to improve student learning and their own learning anytime, anyplace from experts from across the globe.

Here are another 10 reasons why educators worldwide should attend the
K12 Online 2008 Conference:

Top Ten Reasons to Attend K12Online
10. It's Free
9. Great opportunity to experience technology as a learning and teaching tool.
8. Keynote speakers are well respected in their fields.
7. Great chance to view presentations locally with colleagues.
6. 4 Strands of Presentations representing a wide variety of interests & experience levels.
5. Fireside Chats - Engage in Conversations with Presenters and Attendees.
4. Access 36 Presentations Anytime, Anywhere.
3. No Need to Travel & No Travel Costs.
2. Presentations from World Wide Experts & Practitioners in Educational Technology.
1. Improve Student Learning.